• Guanacaste Costa Rica
    Photography: Sergio Pucci

  • Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
    Photography: Sergio Pucci

  • Nauyaca Falls, Costa Rica
    Photography: Sergio Pucci

  • National Park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
    Photography: Sergio Pucci

Expected outcomes

  • 1. Forests and ecosystems at risk restored
  • 2. Mejoramiento de las reservas de agua, regulación hidrológica, conservación del suelo y productividad en areas vulnerables.

  • 3. Improvement of livelihoods, and food security of vulnerable populations through resilient production systems

  • 4. Development and implementation of policy instruments for the restoration of ecosystems and landscapes and their ecosystem services (water, climate, biodiversity) with the aim of reducing climate risks

  • 5. Regional platform for knowledge management on issues of ecosystem and landscape restoration and related financial mechanisms in SICA countries

  • 6. Strengthening the capacities of relevant actors at the regional, national and local level, for ecosystem-based adaptation, FLR, climate risk management and adequate financing mechanisms
  • 7. Implementation of specific financing mechanisms for integrated ecosystems and restoration of forest landscapes in selected areas, increasing carbon storage and other ecosystem services
  • 8. Mobilization of additional investments through diversified financing and public-private partnerships for the restoration of ecosystems and landscapes resilient to climate change

Areas of Work

  • Ecosystem and Landscape Restoration Policies

    In this area of work, the   Green Development Fund for the SICA region /REDD Landscape program seeks to strengthen regional governance structures that promote forest landscape restoration through policy frameworks at regional and national levels.
  • Tools and thecniques for Restoration 

    The Green Development Fund for the SICA region /REDD Landscape program,   works on the generation of restoration instruments or techniques for sustainable production and the recovery of ecosystem conservation areas, where the interest is the implementation of restoration actions.
  • Forest Landscape Restoration Monitoring

    To approach Forest Landscape Restoration monitoring Green Development Fund for the SICA region /REDD Landscape program
    focuses efforts on systematic and repeated collection of data, observations and studies on a given area or phenomenon in order to characterize the current state, document the changes that occur over time and analyze the information necessary to understand the relationship of these changes with factors that cause alterations in the ecosystem.
  • Financial Mechanisms 

    Green Development Fund for the SICA region /REDD Landscape program supports the consolidation and integration of financing, implementation and monitoring mechanisms at the regional level and provides resources to finance ecosystem restoration projects in prioritized landscapes. In this way investments will be channeled through climate and emerging environmental financing mechanisms in SICA countries in order to strengthen sustainable environmental financing structures in the region.
  • Regional and International

    Green Development Fund for the SICA region /REDD Landscape program focuses its actions on the improvement of essential ecosystem services for adaptation to climate change, through the facilitation of spaces for dialogue and the international positioning of the region, supporting compliance with supporting its international commitments that promote the conservation, management and restoration of forest landscapes.
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