This information is related to phase one of the Green Development Fund for the SICA region programme, completed in 2017

Pilot Project in Costa Rica




The REDD+ Landscape CCAD-GIZ Program supports landscape restoration processes in the Central Pacific Conservation Area (ACOPAC), specifically in Puriscal County. The districts included in this initiative are Barbacoas, Candelarita, Mercedes Sur, and Chires. The intervention area covers very moist and pre-montane rainforest, including part of the Paso de Las Lapas Biological Corridor.

This area has critical soils with significant levels of degradation, as well as severe forest fragmentation in water catchment areas as a result of high pressure from agro-industrial crops in the area, along with the expansion of urban areas and poor agricultural practices.

This initiative will implement the following components:

1. Restoration and conservation of natural springs for human consumption, through payments for environmental services and municipal regulations.

2. Soil and water conservation in extensive livestock-production areas through the application of Nationally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the livestock sector.

3. Maintenance and expansion of ecosystem goods and services, promoting payment for environmental protection services, natural regeneration, establishment of agro-forestry systems, and sustainable management of secondary forests.