This information is related to phase one of the Green Development Fund for the SICA region programme, completed in 2017

Pilot Project in Guatemala

The REDD + Landscape / CCAD-GIZ Program supports landscape restoration processes in the municipalities of Huité and Guastatoya, which are part of the “Corredor Seco” of Guatemala. This project joins the efforts embodied in the National Strategy for Forest Landscape Restoration –ENRPF-, using Forest Incentives.

The REDD + Landscape Program has technically and financially supported the planning, establishment and registration of 150 hectares of forest under the modalities of plantations, agroforestry systems and degraded forests that are framed under the PINPEP Program.


Among the activities carried out to achieve the objectives, the following are contemplated:

  1. Strengthening of Municipal Forest Offices.
  2. Strengthening of the INAB Sub-Regional offices in Zacapa and Guastatoya.
  3. Development of forest management plans for the restoration of 150 hectares, in the form of plantations, agroforestry systems and degraded forests.
  4. Restauración de 150 hectáreas con las modalidades de plantaciones, sistemas agroforestales y bosques degradados.
  5. Management for the approval and certification of projects to be beneficiaries of the forest incentive (PINPEP O PROBOSQUE).
  6. Support to the INAB Sub-regional offices to facilitate the management, approval and certification processes of 150.00 hectares of restoration in the mentioned municipalities.

Results obtained to date:

  • Professional technical advice on 82 management plans for forest landscape restoration projects in the Agroforestry Systems (31.97 ha.), Restoration of degraded forests (130.46 ha.), Secondary forests (89.69 ha.) And riparian forests 73.96 ha.) , through the restoration of the forest landscape ( Forest Landscape Restoration ), all these projects entered approved and certified as beneficiaries of forest incentives in the amount of Q1,200,960.97 (USD 162,292.02) of the Q403,000,000.00 (USD 54,459,459.46) assigned for 2016 by the Government for this purpose.
  • Strengthening of two Municipal Forest Offices in the municipalities of Huite and Guastatoya in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala with equipment worth USD 6,094.00.
  • Diagnosis of potential areas for restoration projects in different modalities to be established in 2017 in the 4 municipalities of the Dry Corridor of Guatemala. 920 potential hectares of restoration were identified 300 for Huité, 150 for Cabañas, in Zacapa, 300 hectares in Guastatoya, 170 ha for El Jícaro in El Progreso.
  • Preparation of a socio-economic study of permanent agroforestry systems – Silvo-Café – with timber trees to demonstrate through silvicultural activities that they can be profitable in low-yield coffee plantations, as a contribution to the efforts reflected in the National Strategy for Forest Landscape Restoration using the instruments of the forest incentives PINPEP and PROBOSQUE, to implement the National REDD + Strategy as a production alternative for the existing agroforestry systems in more than 3,925 hectares Registered before the National Forest Registry located throughout the country.
  • Preparation of Study for the Development of Administrative-Financial Protocols for the Operation of the National Forest Fund -FONABOSQUE- in Guatemala, an economic instrument for the promotion of forestry activity, with innovation in accordance with the provisions of article 21 of the law of Forest incentives PROBOSQUE (Promotion of the Establishment, Recovery, Restoration, Management, Production and Protection of Forests in Guatemala), which seeks the strengthening of production chains and the instrumentalization of mechanisms for the implementation of environmental services that forestry activity entails.